The Uniondale Public Library is a Family Place Library™. This means that we are a part of a nation-wide network of Children’s Librarians who believe that libraries play an important role in building healthy communities and child literacy by expanding upon the traditional role of Children’s Services. As a Family Place Library, we aim to create a library environment and experience that is welcoming and appropriate for children beginning at birth; connect parents with the resources, programs, and services offered at the library; and reach out to non-traditional library users. We recognize that good health, early learning, parental involvement, and supportive communities play a pivotal role in young children’s growth and development, and aim to create the network that is essential to families as they nurture their child’s development during the early years of life. This helps to ensure that children enter school ready and able to learn.

Some of the services that we offer as a Family Place Library include:
  • Collections of materials for babies, toddlers and service providers. We not only have materials for children, but also have a Parenting Collection of materials for parents and caregivers.
  • A designated Family Place area within the Children’s Room for families with young children.
  • Developmentally appropriate programming and workshops for parents and children.
  • Outreach services
  • Library staff committed to family support, child development, parent education, and best practices.