Using the Fax Machine
Uniondale Public Library offers a touch screen scanner/fax machine. Faxing costs $1 per page. The fax machine accepts dollar bills and coins.

Using the Scanner
There is no charge to scan a document. Documents can be scanned and saved to a USB (flash) drive or e-mailed.

Using the Copiers
The Library has two copiers available by the circulation desk. Black/white pages are $.10 per page; color pages are $.25 per page.library has two copy machines. Both machines copy in black and white and one also copies in color. The copiers can be found in our Business Center near the front of the library.
1. Deposit money. You may darken the copy, zoom in or out, or change other preferences once you have deposited your money.
2. Line up your original using the guides at the sides of the glass.
3. Press “Start” to copy.
4. Copies come out below the main copy window.
5. Press the coin return button to retrieve any change due.

Printing from Library Computers
Printing is available at all public access computers. Black/white pages are $.10 per page; color pages are $.25 per page. In order to print, you must first add money to your account at the Adult Services Desk. For patrons who don’t have a card or who left their cards at home, guest passes are available.

Mobile Printing
Mobile Printing is available via the Brother iPrint&Scan app, available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices. You must connect to the library WiFi, UPL Guest, in order to print wirelessly from your device. Stop by the Adult Services Desk to pick up your print jobs. Black/white pages are $.10 per page; color pages are $.25 per page.


Princh Printing
Princh Printing is an additional wireless printing service avalible at the library. Compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones.Payable via credit card or cash payment at the Adult Services Desk. Our Printer-ID # is 102623, click here for more instructions and information.